Terms & Conditions

  • It is not allowed to take photos with mobile phones or with any other device.
  • A maximum of 2 adults will attend the photoshoot at any time.
  • I do not offer any unedited photos / raw format.
  • All photos will be professionally edited and they will be delivered to you digitally in max 6 weeks using an online link. The link is valid only for 7 days.
  • For twins / triplets photoshoot there is an extra charge of 20% .
  • The requisite belongs to the studio , it will only be used during the session and its not to be removed from the studio at the end of the photoshoot.
  • Bookings subject to a £50 deposit.
  • The rest of payments will be made at the end of the photo session by cash or bank transfer.
  • No pets allowed.


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